February 20, 2010

Pain is in your Brain

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Pain is in your brain. I’m not sure if anyone is quoted as saying this, but this is the motto I live by. Yes it is tough to choke down boring healthy food in order to maintain a lean physique. But these foods do not stress your body. They stress your brain…especially if you maintain massive urges to eat junk. BUT the good news is that if you do it long enough, your pain tolerance increases and eventually dissolves. I do not believe accomplishing things are “hard.” I believe the majority makes tasks as hard as possible in order to invent an excuse to quit (Self-fulfilling prophesy 101). What is “hard” about laying off the high strike, eating healthy and/or buying high and selling low? I mean, you know what works so is your mental toughness that weak to point where you cannot follow the rules? I think mental toughness is where trend-follower’s ultimate edge really lies. Thoughts?